The Aesop system is used to by teachers and staff to request a substitute teacher, and track professional and personal leave days for all Weld Re-8 staff.

Galileo is the benchmark assessment system used in
Weld Re-8.

Weld Re-8 is a GAFE District.

The Weld Re-8 Student
Information System.

Atlas contains Weld Re-8 Consensus Curriculum Maps and Unit Calendars used to determine the District Benchmark assessment items in the
Galileo system.
Atlas District Login

Alpine is a student data system designed to compile student data for schools to use for progress monitoring and planning.

i-Ready is a diagnostic assessment for reading that pinpoints K-5 student needs. Ongoing progress monitoring shows whether students are on track to achieve targets.
This is the web portal for Weld Re-8 staff to
access iVisions Resources.

A Community United
for Student Success

Weld Re-8 Website
Weld Re-8 2016-2017 Calendar

Colorado's online performance system used to support implementation of the State Model Evaluation System.
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